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Gypsy accordion tricks

My teacher Emil Aybinder from Moldova has inspired me mainly by being an example. Many of the Gypsy Accordion tricks I picked up was by sitting next to him, looking at

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Gypsy Romani Accordion

This photo says it all! Those incredible ancient people we call Gypsies are actually called Romani people. They originated from India, those musician tribes where traveling around Asia and for

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Gypsy Accordion workshops

Before the year 2021 when I could fly to USA, travel around in Europe, East Asia, India, Mexico and Hawaii I used to combine local concerts & local festival performances

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Gypsy music originates from Asia

The Tar sounds great with the Accordion, It is a reminder that Gypsy music origintaes from Asia. the Tar is used in Iran, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Georgia, TajikistanCarved from mulberry wood,

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Learn Libertango

IT’S SUPER EASY TO LEARN IT NOW WITH COOL VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS Tango is one of the coolest music genres and it’s suits the Accordion best. This Libertango composition by Piazzola

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Gypsy Sun Dance/Assi Rose

The ‘Gypsy sun dance’ was written in SF west coast during my 15 years of troubadour life around the world. I started my accordion lessons in Israel age 12 with

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