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Eleven Golden rules for improvisation

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Video and audio gypsy accordion Jam Track for ebook 1 sheet music notation with super easy chords , note fingerings, virtual metronome, bass button groove for world folk and classical music from Russia , Europe Folk , with Tango, Waltz, Tarantella , Klyzmer , Arab, Ladino

E-book 1: Virtual Practice – Jam & Play

Video & Audio jam track for 10 songs from the Gypsy E-book 1
-----This course offers a practical practice for all the songs on Gypsy Accordion Ebook 1 with special video and audio jam trakcs: Guided melodic flute to get you familiar with the composition,
A virtual metronome to keep you on track,
Verbal bar count to help you understand how the beat aligns with the melody,
Slow and Fast tempo designed for all levels