Its All About Improvisation

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Become a better musician today. It can be easier than what you may think

Improvisation is what music is all about. A composition is a written and produced piece of improvisation = creation. 
I’ve been teaching for over 20 years now,  and now I know everyone needs to shift his improvisation abilities, that actually means to become a better musician. Some of you out there may be practicing music to the extreme, some may not, but it’s not about how much time you put in, its about the question: Do you have the key to enter Masterhood? For instance, ask your self if you feel like a “Music Magician” ? If the answer is half way then you know the answer.
Ok, so I have created two courses for complete beginners and any musician who would love to catch up with the important basics and improvise right now, I mean today. 
These courses and all my courses are open for Pro members. enroll for a month or two and you are good. Or hang around for a year, why not. The monthly price is cheaper then any private lesson you would take.
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