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what is the gypsy way?

Now I feel more lucky the before to have traveled far and wide around the world to see, feel. smell & taste great cultures, incredible music from Bali, India, Hawaii , Africa, Mexico, around Europe meeting Gypsy musicians from Spain, France, Russia, Balkans. In those places I learned so much also from watching the people play, dance and sing but also to experience their unique way of living with the weather & political / social conditions.

If there is one thing in common about my insights of all this diverse abundance – it would probably be experiencing community as a whole. Music is taught from ‘Father to Son System’ I call it FSS thats what I mean when I explain how tradition has passed on to the next generations from an early age. Much of the learning was just growing up around music & dance, much is passed via DNA. I can also mention that I saw teachers doing schools and private lessons but that for me is modern. The original community family connection is counted here when we are talking about world music study.

I teach world music including Jazz, Western Classical stuff together with New folk and traditional music from Irland, Argentina, Italia, Israel, Arabic and lots more. So much music, but how do you learn all this without traveling, how do you start? do you need to look for music books? learn notation reading? look for a specific teacher? scroll the web everyday? well there are many ways and there is the Gypsy Way – a way taught like a father would teach his son before school or notation books where invented.

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