Learn how to play Misirlou with A super easy friendly notation score sheet for Accordion

how to play Misirlou - gypsy accordion super easy notation method by Assi Rose

Misirlou is one of the most famous compositions in the world. It is a Greek pronunciation that means in Turkish: ‘Egyptian girl’.
This song was known before the 20th centuty, in those days many Arabic influences where mixed with the Greek culture, around the time of the Ottoman (Old Turkish) Empire.
The copyright for this song was registered by Nicholas Roubanis but it is known that this melody already existed years before. But Roubanis probably re-composed the song in July 1927, when he released it as a record in USA. This song became widely famous in modern times once it featured in the movie: Pulp Fiction.

This unique super easy arrangement notation sheet is designed to achieve fast results. Suitable for all levels and also for those who cannot yet read standard notations.

  • Large and clear design.
  • Note names are indicated including octaves.
  • Virtual rhythm metronome
  • Synchronisation between both hands
  • Flats and sharps are indicated
  • without curves or other academic symbols
  • Super easy chord arrangements
  • Fingers arrangements indicated

Get this friendly sheet music here

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