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Welcome to the ‘Gypsy Accordion’ online school of Video courses ,

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Master the simple scales & the gypsy scales. Find the key to unlock the world of songwriting and improvisation

Note reading

Improve your note reading with unique score charts designed to make your musical life clear & easy.

Video lessons

Professional Videos Full Hd live & animated Clear tutorials. Learn new songs and new techniques.

Beginners method

True beginners can dive into the real thing and learn famous musical compositions. Improve your right hand skills. Discover the magic of the left hand buttons

Advanced Method

Take any song and make it yours. Gypsy tricks will turn any musical piece to a grand performance. Gain confidence to personalise music and take it to your own direction.


Special Gypsy improvisation courses are available on this site. Feel like a master musician who can remember compositions by heart and can change them to suit his personal touch.

Music Sheet for all levels

Super easy friendly notation score designed for fast results.

Note names above the notes for those who cannot read standard notation.

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A professional yet friendly approach to music tuition

Get on track

- Clear Animated tutorials
- Meet Assi Rose online
- Easy giant steps
- Practice online

Focus on real music

- Dive into the real thing
- Skip silly beginners steps
- Escape Academic traps
- Immidate & fast results

Fair prices

- 13 lessons for 30-40 euros
- Single sheet for 3-5 euros
- Ebooks for 13-15 euros
- Private zoom 40-55 euros

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Hello, my name is Assi Rose

Assi Rose Gypsy Accordion Lessons School tutorials how to play piano accordion sheet music ebook world folk easy chords buttons scales theory sheet music note improvisation online complete beginners reading teacher
Assi Rose — Professional Trainer

I started playing the Accordion when I was 12 with a Gypsy Russian Teacher. As an adult i traveled the world for 15 years to explore Gypsy music, took some lessons from great Accordion masters. I am happy to share these gifts with you and pass on this magic. 

During my time in San Fransisco & Vancouver BC I was happy to share my gifts with local students who were seeking for an exotic teacher who could show them the ‘Gypsy way’. But after I left they asked my to upload tutorials to youtube so I could keep showing them more and more things, that was the first time I heard of this platform, I started uploading more and more videos and have built and international community and that’s how in 2007 I became the first Accordion online teacher in the world!

I love showing Advance students as well as complete beginners how to dive into the world of Gypsy Improvisation, I do it in my natural way, pragmatic approach, rhythm exercise, left/right hand coordination, design my own sheet music examples+fingerings to make things clear, simple and easy.

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What our students have to say

am writing to say, THANK YOU! A REALLY BIG THANK YOU! Although I am not yet practicing often enough, I am practicing, and I am learning. Having bought my accordion back in 2016 and tried a few times to find online teachers, courses etc I have never until now found one that catered for and understood the absolute beginner. All of the previous options I have found have assumed a level of knowledge as a starting point. Most of them assume you learned piano for example. So to have found one that really gets it, is fantastic. Thank you . . . I will definitely be signing up for more when I have finally completed this course. Thank you again. Warm Regards,
Rosalind J Turner
From Australia
Thank you so much for your videos, they are the best! I want to say you that I really like your style and hopefully one day after having practice hard and hard I will be able to play like you and perform on the streets! Honestly I still have to buy an accordion but having watched your video I couldn't resist anymore...been my dream since long time and soon I will start it!​
Gypsy Accordion
Michelle Delani
From Argentina
Dude you teach with a natural hang loose style. I am playing this now on my accordion and sounds so good. Thanks for sharing man ! Assi, your my accordion guru : )
Gypsy Accordion
hello asssi ! bro thank you for the videos it really had helped me on the accordion,, i had search alot on the internet and you have the best tutorial videos, thank you again, keep uploading more !
Gypsy Accordion
From Brazil

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