Gypsy accordion tricks

My teacher Emil Aybinder from Moldova has inspired me mainly by being an example. Many of the Gypsy Accordion tricks I picked up was by sitting next to him, looking at him play, watching the fingers move in a fascinating way, listening to the sounds I thought I would never be able to produce.

The Gypsy Accordion lessons with Emil gave me a lot of knowledge, sitting next to a master is a gift, getting the feedback about my mistakes, learning new compositions.

I am greatful for all the Gypsy Accordion lessons I took , each one was a golden opportunity to get closer to the real thing in the world of Accordion. It also made me feel I am take a real path , getting the approval I am welcome on this path.

It is my natural duty and life mission to continue this work and pass this Gypsy Accordion knowledge onwards to more people around the world.

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