Gypsy Romani Accordion

This photo says it all!

Those incredible ancient people we call Gypsies are actually called Romani people. They originated from India, those musician tribes where traveling around Asia and for many years worked with the Turkish Empire , played and danced for the high class society of those days. They kept traveling in East Europe, many of them stayed in Russia, Balkan, France & Spain (The blend with the Arabians and their Udd instruments gave birth to Flamenco guitar culture)

The only reason their name changed to Gypsy is because the folks thought they were Egyptians because of their dark skin.

I really recommend to listen to this guy, watch him play here on youtube. So cool, can tell he started as a young child, heard so much of this music all his life, he carries knowledge of generations, so glad it is captured for us to see and learn the songs. I wonder what language and what does it mean.

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