Start learning the Accordion
The Gypsy way

Why choose this course ?

Anyone could start learning the Accordion the Gypsy way if only a real ‘Gypsy teacher’ would be there to take you on a journey.
Why start with Yankee Doodle or Jingle Bells when you can dive right into the real thing? Why take the long way and maybe never see the light when you can start performing Gypsy music in front of your friends in two weeks? Why waste your time and spend 5 years learning things one can learn in one month?
One only needs to master one scale, three chords and three different groove patterns
in order to perform in front of friends and family , Jam on stage or shoot a performance video and share it with the world.

Get on track

- Clear Animated tutorials
- Meet Assi Rose online
- Easy giant steps
- Practice online

Focus on real music

- Dive into the real thing
- Skip silly beginners steps
- Escape Academic traps
- Immidate & fast results

Giant steps for beginners

Dive right into the real thing - learn the essential theory and practical musical skills