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Marten U KnowMarten U Know asked 2 years ago

Hello Mr. Rose,
First of all: congratulations on your new website! A few days ago I purchased the sheet music for Morenica. I love the way it is accompagnied by two audio files: one with your performance and another with a simple musical break down of the notes and rythm. Those are extremely helpfull for me! Partly because of these audio files I’ve decided to purchase the whole e-book. However I do not find the sheet music accompagnied by the audio break down of the notes. My question is: How can I obtain these (If they allready excist)? And do I need to pay extra for those?
Kind regards,

Marten U KnowMarten U Know replied 2 years ago

Hello Assi, thanks for your reply. The sheet music for Morenica came with a file called: Morenica-full-5ufj3a, it is a playback of the song with a rythm track and a ‘clean’ version of the song, note by note without the chords/bass. The e-book does not come with these same type of audio playbacks. But my ability to read notes or play by ear is very limited and this ‘clean’ audio is very helpfull for me to understand the song. So I’m wondering if those same audio playbacks excist for the other songs in the book and where I can find them. Thanks!

Assi Roseassirose Staff replied 2 years ago

Hello Marten, Glad those sheet work for you. I’d like to understand your requirement, please explain once again, are you interested in an AUDIO PLAYBACK for you to practice with drums and playback chords & bass lines? or is it something else you require?

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Assi RoseAssi Rose Staff answered 2 years ago

Oh I see, I understand that the playbacks are very helpful for you, I am happy to hear that, ok no worries I will add all the other playbacks to the Ebook product, that will be free of charge, I will send you the direct download link pretty soon 🙂