Is it a good idea to start playing Gypsy music in the first lesson?

Assi Rose Gypsy Accordion Lessons School tutorials how to play piano accordion sheet music ebook world folk easy chords buttons scales theory sheet music note improvisation online reading teacher

Can you start learning a musical instrument after 40?

Yes, but way start with the boring lessons? when you can start with the exotic Gypsy Lessons.

If one thinks the Academic way is the only way, 

It is high time to take the new way.

That is, of course, my way.

If this post is for you then it’s a good idea to keep on reading because I have some good tips to share about this topic.

I know it may seem impossible to start learning an instrument all of a sudden, even if you have some sort of background on one instrument or another. It’s hard to keep the practice routine, hard to decide to buy an instrument.. yes I know, I hear those stories all the time.

But I tell students what I used to tell myself when I wanted to practice Yoga.. I have to look for a teacher, or a community , I can’t do it on my own, I need help. 

So let me help you.

Thanks God help came to me so many times in my life exactly when I needed it the most.

Maybe it’s because I asked for zi help.

It is one thing to recognise our needs. The next thing is to admit we need zi help.


Do you need zi help in learning the Accordion?

(I also teach Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, flute, saxophone & Percussion as well by the way)

of course I can help… that’s my job, been doing it for 25 years, teaching children and adults all over the planet, and I’ve been in many places, and in the last 2 years I’ve been zooming Hawaii , India and where not ( Not Dubai , not New Zealand just yet but yes).

I love Gypsy music

The “Gypsy” concept is not only about Romania or Hungary, but it’s about mastering and inserting who you are into the music rather than having music scaring the shit out of you. 


Let’s get the trauma away if it’s here or let’s ignore what our old preconceptions about music would effect us if we would only think about it.

That’s right , let’s stop thinking for a moment. 

Let’s feel.

I feel each one deserves to connect to the Magic music brings, and experience this freedom to create, so simply, so easily, produce sound.

A few tips my life experience gave me :

If you learn one scale that touches you, you can jam around it for the next 20 years and never get bored. You can create so much magic, and then grow and branch out easily into astral improvisation, teach yourself more, but first …

How do we begin? the same old boring shit?

no no no

not let’s start with the Gypsy scale.

Once we get it, it’s ours, And honestly – it’s such a simple scale. 

I saw gypsy kids play those incredible things, and I know you can do it too. Once it’s yours, it’s yours fo ever.

So what do I suggest?

Talk to me if this post is for you. I do zoom lessons

Easy Peasy.

Any time zone.

what price? oh the lesson is very cheap. cheaper than a family Pizza tray.

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