New Gypsy Accordion site is online :-)

Gypsy Accordion Teacher for Russian folk songs, Balkan, Tango, Gypsy Jazz, Swing, Tarantella, Polka, Klezmer, Irish, Mexican, Waltz, Brazilian, Cuban, French Musette, Zoom Private or Workshops Lessons & video tutorial school.

Hello Gypsy Accordion lovers

I celebrated my 50th birthday last week

 and a great chance for me to say hello again over here.

 This special celebration makes me wonder a lot where I am in my life, how many things I have achieved, how happy I am with my past, what is my point of view on success etc. There are so many thoughts and emotions involved and I am happy to say that the general feeling is great, I am satisfied, I have a 10 year old beautiful amazing daughter and I am surrounded with many people who love me and love my music.

My musical career had many directions, I love Gypsy Accordion as much as I love Folk Rock music that I play on the guitar and sing. I have uploaded many different movies on youtube, and looking at it all now I can see how a beautiful Gypsy Accordion community has grown around my youtube channel with comments & Subscribers.

It’s been my dream to create a really good site , a really cool online school.

I was so busy doing other things, and that dream had to wait.

But now, turning 50 I know I’d like to spend more time creating cool online classes for beginners and for advanced students as well. until now I was building my own websites, and I see it’s not the right formula, it took me too much energy instead of focusing on the tutorials – so I decided to hire a web designer and these days we are discussing what is the best way to present my Gypsy school. A Gypsy school has to be cool and fun, has to show tricks and deep secrets passed from father to son, it has to show exotic music from all around the world, it has to teach improvisation, it has to present easy versions , clear sheet with simple notations in order to be able to play Balkan repertoire, with unfamiliar beats such as 10 or 7 or 5 in a bar, Turkish & Persian scales, must played anthems from the Romani culture and modern popular compositions from famous movies such as white cat black cat.

I am happy to say the site is up and running, so far there is one Ebook ready to view & download, there is one course for complete beginners (including a free trial) – and I am currently working on improvisation course and on special courses such as Gypsy Jazz Swing , how to play Tango , Tarantella and more.

I will keep you updated with things

Happy birthdays to all of you this year

Hope you enjoy your time playing Accordion, and if it’s sitting in the box unplayed, I will do my best to excite you! The Accordion is one of the most amazing instruments ever, I am so happy I got exposed to it , I started when I was 12 and I was lucky to have a Russian Gypsy teacher who showed me so many things, most of it I picked up just by watching him play, he taught me things in a unique approach that I liked a lot, this is why I am passing it on to you folks, I want you to enjoy your journey, I want you to dive right into the real things, get fast results, get a deep understanding of basic theory and be able to create music that sounds like your style, I’d like you to personalise any song and make it sound yours, re-invent ready compositions, change them the way you like, give them life. 


Blessings to you all


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