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Music is Mystical

I love Accordion and I love Gypsy Music.
It's in my soul, this music sounds like Turkish, Arab, Persian, Indian, Kleyzmer...

This style of music makes any song sound fresh, exotic, alive. It’s like Magic.

I love touching people’s heart, I love creating magic, I love connecting with people. I love to see them dance, move their body, I love when people enjoy, when people smile, when people take a deep breath , close their eyes and feel something deep inside. I like to take people on a journey, It’s like giving them a drug, it’s like taking a trip , I like to throw people into past lives, into new dimensions. . .

This is exactly what happens to me when I play this kind of music. It usually happens when I change the music a bit and start improvising… I loose myself and find my way back in and out of reality.

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